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Welcome to Suryodaya Textiles  
India's professionally managed Fibre to Yarn manufacturers, with latest State of Art Technology to produce World Class Organic & Conventional Carded & Combed cotton yarns. The Group of Companies has come a long way in Textiles . Brand Reputation & Quality of Product has always been a sharp focus. Company believes in firm growth of intrinsic and societal and environmental concerns taking precedence over our Bottom line .
Fibers which We use
Australian Cotton for Contamination Free
American & West African Cotton (Low Trash
  High Dye Pick Up)
Indian Cotton 29mm+(Contamination
  Controlled) Contract Ginning
MMF Cellulosic Fibres and Cotton Blended
  Melange, Organic Cotton and Blends
Our Vision

Vision Statement 2012

“To be a global leader in Fully Combed Contamination Free yarn  for World Top Garments and Apparel manufacturing Brands.